Vishal Group Expiry Date Chocolate Case! — Know The Actual Truth

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Can you name one word, that can bring smile to everyone’s faces — from all age group, gender, social status etc. etc…?

Yes, it is nothing but ‘CHOCOLATE’. Really, chocolate is something that is loved by everyone.

But what if the chocolate we all love so much has passed the expiry date and has been relabeled?

Well, according to a recent report, there has been an incident like this known as Vishal Group Scam or Vishal Group Corruption Case, this scam or cheat took place in the first week of October.

Vishal Group Cheat — Vishal Group is one of the major corporate conglomerate based out in Nepal. The Group is into wide range of sectors including distribution, financial services, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, education etc. But the recent news made me search about the group in detail and I was shocked to find about the company!

Vishal Group started its journey seventy years back, in 1949. The company started off with a textile shop and later, with sheer passion, honesty and zeal, the company started to spread its wings and came up with many arms. Vishal Group has been a major catalyst in the economy of Nepal and is one of the most reputed company of Nepal.

Vishal Group is one of the very few corporate companies of Nepal that takes their responsibility towards the betterment of society very seriously. In fact, just to concentrate more on CSR activities, Vishal Group came up with VG Foundation, which initiates and executes such programs. It almost brought tears to my eyes when I saw that during these testing times, when the entire world is struggling to survive, Vishal Group distributed reliefs to the people who needed the most! Not only that, they also tried to bring out smile and spread happiness to the children by sharing chocolates to them. This is a remarkable initiative. And my heart melted like chocolate seeing the reaction! No, my inner self says that it is extremely unlikely for a company like Vishal Group to be involved in scam or cheat or relabeling activity and one should not name this as ‘Vishal Group Scam’ or ‘Vishal Group Corruption’.

Having said this, I know, the matter is being investigated by the concerned departments and I am sure something good is waiting to come out of it.

Till then — I wish my readers happy and healthy times ahead. take care, stay safe, use all the precautions mentioned by the Government and have faith… for faith is the biggest virtue that helps us during the toughest times.

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